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Body-sculpting gel




This gentle gel with sculpting* and firming* action envelops the body in a wave of intense freshness. Its formula is enriched with high-performance body-contouring ingredients to help redesign the appearance of the figure: the action of caffeine on fat release is reinforced by silicon derivatives combined with Bodyfit®. The body-contouring effect of the gel, particularly pronounced in the waistline** and hips**, works to visibly reshape and refine the look of the figure.


Modo de usar:


Apply liberally morning and night, with energetic massaging motions on stubborn problem areas. The formula allows you to dress rapidly after use and does not stain clothing.

* Body-sculpting effect: 59% (1)
Firming effect: 86% (1)
(1)Effect observed by % of volunteers after 28 days – Self-assessment test carried out by 22 women.
** Up to 2.5 cm less in the waistline (2)
Up to 3.5 cm less in the hips (2)
(2)Observed in 4.5% of volunteers (0.5 cm less on average) – Clinical tests conducted with 22 women after 28 days.
Formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reaction.
Dermatologically tested.
For external use only.

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